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It's easy to eat fresh & healthy with Farm to Friends!

Farm to Friends began with the need to make a lifestyle change for my own family.  Making the change from fast and processed food is not as easy as it sounds.  We put together a fresh menu with 14-18 different produce items each week.  It's easy to customize your  box and we have lots of stuff you can add to your order.  We also include our "Fresh News"with great healthy recipes, education and cooking tips.

Choose to get a delivery weekly, every other week, our only when you place an order.  

Eat fresh & healthy all year long!


Fresh, healthy food delivered right to your door!

Order Today!

Delivery Schedule

Tuesdays = Powell Butte, Alfalfa & East Bend, Terrebonne & Crooked River Ranch


Wednesdays= Redmond, Sisters, & Tumalo

Thursdays=Bend, Deschutes River Woods

Fridays= Prineville

Market Baskets

Single (great for one or two) $33.00

Small (great for a couple or small family) $37.00

Regular (great for a family of 4 +)$40.00

Large ( great for a family of 5 + or really healthy eaters)$44.00

Big Box (serves a family of 6) $48.00

Take a peek at our current menu

Current Menu

A Customer Said...

What a wonderful group of people to work with. It is always so fun to tell friends about f2f! They always are excited when I share what they do!

Peggy Roberts-Farm To Friends Member

A Customer Said...

 I cannot say enough good about this company! I love that I can rely on having beautiful, fresh, local produce delivered right to my front door every week! It's convenient, affordable, and so healthy!

Farm To Friends Member